Letter to Parents


Hello Parents,

I and a few other coaches have chosen to move on from GHLL with the older kids and are putting together a travel ball team. While we certainly appreciate all the friends and experiences that we have gained through Little League, we feel it is time to get a little more competitive without the restrictions of Little League rules. We are organizing a few workouts with the kids and would like to have your son be a part of it.

I know there are a lot of questions about travel ball, I certainly had them. I will do my best to address some of them in this email but please contact me with any further questions you may have. We will be putting together a 11-12 man roster, with room for a few kids who will be alternates on games that members cannot make it. We are still working on our practice fields but we are trying for the Eastlake- Trinity area. We would be shooting for 2 weekends a month for tournaments and 2-3 practices a week (depending on our game schedule). The main focus is going to be having the boys play in 1 or 2 main positions and really dialing them into that position so it becomes second nature. There is no guaranteed amount of play time. None of this is meant to deter you, but rather provide full transparency in all we do. The cost will be $280 upfront and $30 a month there after. We are hoping to have this monthly cost reduced or gone all together with the help from sponsors; but keep in mind this is completely self-funded and that neither the coaches or team will not be profiting at all.

Where will all the funds be allocated? All fees and sponsor dollars go directly to the kids and the cost of having a travel ball team.  Most of the money will go to uniforms, practice field rental, insurance and tournament fees (umpires, dues, etc.). The rest of the funds will go to balls, equipment and batting cage rentals. We will have a complete open book policy. You will be able to see where and how the team money is spent. This is truly the best and most affordable way to do it. For those that may have looked into travel ball previously know that most are a larger up front cost and an excess of $100/mo.

Many of these boys have played together for multiple years and have built friendships. We look to build upon that and are excited to help them become better ball players and work as one! Please respond to this email if you are interested or with any questions. We are looking to have our first workout in the next 2 weeks so please get back to me as soon as possible.

Coach Vincent Scevola